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Monday, January 18, 2016

Aim your eyes beyond your hometown (and a newsreading hack)

Despite its name, "The New Yorker" (and "New York Magazine" and "The New York Times") are much more than media for and about the Big Apple. Similarly, the "Washington Post" and "Los Angeles Times" have much to offer out-of-towners.

The current "New Yorker"
has a superb article about the problems (including unjust executions!!!) caused by unreliable eyewitnesses to crimes. You can and should read it for free online

I attended Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA -- an intellectual desert.There was no Internet in the 1960s but print media and New York radio stations helped me maintain sufficient sanity to endure.

One time my landlady said "You're not in New York. I just don't understand why you pay money for the New York Times when you could read our Bethlehem newspaper for free."

Nothing I could say would make her understand.

The "Wall Street Journal" and "BusinessWeek" have a lot to offer -- even if you never buy stock or manage a business.

BusinessWeek is free online. Most of the WSJ online is restricted to paid subscribers.

Anyone can read a few articles each month at the "NY Times" and "Washington Post."

Although I have been a paid subscriber to the Times since I was in college, I have devised a couple of scams to read it online for free:

  1. If you want to freeload, you have to be creative, but not very creative. 
  2. Look at the Times online and note an article you want to read. Go to a search engine screen and type in some key words from the headline plus "NY Times."
  3. BINGO! you should then see one or more links that will take you to a freebie page.
  4. Read, learn, savor. 
Another way is to follow links from Times Twitter tweets.

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