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Monday, January 18, 2016

Genetic failures

I recently mentioned that Ivanka Trump is a much better speaker than her buddy from the opposing party, Chelsea Clinton. Last Thursday the Washington Post echoed my appraisal by labeling Chelsea as "wooden."

She's not inarticulate, but she lacks the verbal passion of her parents.

Another notable failure of genetic transfer is Caroline Kennedy.

In 2008, Caroline announced her interest in taking over Hillary's Senate seat when Hillary was selected to become Secretary of State. When Caroline spoke in public, she was so obviously uncomfortable (terrified?) that she made me cringe. Other observers were similarly unimpressed by her verbal ability and Caroline quickly withdrew from the competition for "personal" reasons."

Since 2013 she has had sort of a sinecure as US Ambassador to Japan.

Mommy Jackie was soft-spoken, but articulate and confident.

Daddy JFK was a _powerful_ speaker, with or without a prepared speech, when addressing crowds or one person.

Caroline's situation reminds me of a remark from the 1988 vice-presidential debate. Democratic Senator Lloyd Bentsen told Republican Senator Dan Quayle: "You're no Jack Kennedy."

We are all mixtures of the powers and limitations of our parents.

Sometimes people can overcome their inherited limitations, but it's dangerous to assume that a candidate, singer, actor, athlete or racehorse will exhibit the best features of one or both parents.

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