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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Martin Luther King, Jr. really pisses me off.
So do Jesus, George Washington and Christopher Columbus.

My business checking account just went negative by several hundred dollars.

More than three thousand frigging dollars from last Friday's sales would normally have been in my checking account yesterday at around noon.

But because MLK Day is a "bank holiday," my money has been delayed by 24 hours.

I, of course, recognize that on a bank holiday the branches are closed. I can't go to my bank to make a payment, withdraw money, ask a question, get change or get a free lollipop.

HOWEVER, credit and debit cards function normally on holidays, as do the ATM machines.

  • Modern banking is not dependent on thousands of human drones laboring away with eyeshades and adding machines.
  • Electrons flow at the speed of light across the Internet from computer to computer every day of the year.
  • Electrons, unlike bankers, do not care about holidays.
  • The only reason for money to be delayed by holidays is so bankers can invest this "float money" for an extra day, rather than making it available to the bank's customers.
  • In addition to restricting my access to my money, the bank has charged me a $39 overdraft fee. 
  • The bank caused the trouble and then penalized me for having trouble.
  • This sucks.

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