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Monday, January 18, 2016

The best thing about voting is eating

People praise the American election system because of our participatory democracy and the ability for almost anyone to run for office. Each year we have the opportunity to elect new saviors, and to eject knaves, incompetents and liars.

For me, however, the best thing about elections are the PTA bake sales, operated as fund-raisers in the schools on Election Day.

The sales used to provide me, an admitted chocoholic, an excellent opportunity to stock up on home-baked brownies. I am picky about brownies -- I reject them if too dry or too sweet.

Alas, in recent years the PTA ladies here in Milford, CT, have stopped messing up and heating up their kitchens to raise money. Instead they sell Girl Scout cookies -- which I can't stand.

In response to the PTA's realignment, several times a year dear sis-in-law Barby Marcus favors me with her superb brownies, and sometimes wife Marilyn and I make our own. (As long as I am complimenting Barby: she makes the best chopped liver in the world.)

For other times I am pleased to have discovered two fine store-bought alternatives.

Sam's Club sells Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies. For about eight bucks you get a giant four-pound brownie! I use a spatula to slice out a chunk.

BJ's offers a more convenient package of brownies that are equally delicious. A box of nine individually wrapped Wellsley Farms Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies sells for $3.99.

We have to die from something. I'd much rather be killed by a brownie than by an ISIS terrorist.

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