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Saturday, October 15, 2016

How much is a Coke at Sam's Club? What about a Chinese chicken wing?

I'm a constant reader. I'm almost never not interacting with text. As a kid at breakfast I read every word on cereal boxes. At restaurants I either read magazines or study the menus. I particularly like to analyze prices.

When I worked in Manhattan, many small Chinese restaurants on the Upper
West Side sold a large order of fried rice for $3.95. However, if you were willing to accept four chicken wings along with the same amount of rice, the price for the entire meal dropped to just $2.95.

In Greek-American diners the price of a slice of cheese can vary from a dime to a dollar or more, depending on what it is attached to.

I was in a Sam's Club recently. The price of a Coke at the snack bar ranged from 20 cents to 89 cents, depending on what it was served with.

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