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Monday, October 10, 2016

SodaStream is a good concept, but very bad execution.

My wife and I buy a lot of soda and seltzer. Several times each year we schlepp huge bags
of empties back to the supermarket to laboriously shove into the redemption machines.

The experience is just slightly less degrading than visiting the Dep't of Motor Vehicles.

Earlier this year I did some calculations and determined that the deposits we "earned" did not equal to the minimum wage for the time spent in the vile bottle room. Am I pleased that I am a good citizen contributing to a clean environment.

Because of this, and because of my love of technology I was really excited to learn of the SodaStream machine. It's kind of a cold-water Keurig, that allows users to brew soda at home.

Unfortunately, it's an ISPITA (Industrial Strength Pain in the Ass) to use.

The first time I used it a geyser of sticky, fizzy liquid hit my ceiling.

It's consistently inconsistent. I could never brew a flavor the same way twice, and most of the flavors sucked.

After a few weeks I returned it. This is a big disappointment. I really hoped to avoid returning empty soda bottles.

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