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Thursday, January 26, 2017

More Delicious Reasons to Love Dunkin' Donuts

As some of you may remember, I celebrated the end of my 70-year coffee-free life with a birthday party happily hosted by my nearby Dunkin' Donuts last April. CLICK for the TV coverage.

Before the party I may have been the most loyal
Dunk customer who did not drink coffee, because I love Dunk's hot chocolate and baked goodies. I even liked Dunk's short lived knock-off of Pizza Hut's personal pizza—perfect for in-car meals.

One particular favorite was a beverage I invented before Dunk started selling it: Frozen Hot Chocolate.

One winter afternoon about five years ago I was driving home with a yummy hot chocolate from Dunk. When I got home, there was still lots in my large cup. I put it in the fridge to preserve it and forgot about it.

I discovered it a few days later—cold, slushy and delicious. I was quickly addicted and got in the habit of drinking part of my HotChoc in the car and putting about half of it in the freezer to thicken and chill (about 30-45 minutes is right, depending on how hot it was to start with).

In the summer of 2013 I was gobsmacked (a wonderful word from the Brits) to discover that Dunk was selling my invention.
I did not get pissed off. I did not sue. I bought and slurped and smiled. Repeatedly.

Sadly, I may have been
the only one in the world who bought the delicious cooler. The drink did not appear in the following summers, despite my persistent nagging on the Dunk Facebook page. I was reduced to making my own FHC. Mickey Dee's has nothing like it. Neither does Starbucks.

But wait!

Ixcacao, the chocolate goddess, is smiling again.

A few weeks ago, when the temperature here was just an itty-bit above zero, I discovered that my local Dunk was once again offering my glorious chilly treat.

I ordered the largest cup available, with whipped cream, of course. I asked the nice lady behind the counter if I was the only idiot drinking frozen beverages in near-zero weather. She smiled and said I was not alone. She also kindly slipped my thin plastic cup into a foam cup for insulation, so my hands would not freeze.

The Dunk website says, "NOW, HOT CHOCOLATE IS ALWAYS IN SEASON. Happiness is now served frozen! Try Dunkin’s decadent Hot Chocolate, Frozen in Original, Mint and Dunkaccino varieties." However, not every Dunk offers it. Check around, and complain if your local Dunk is out of touch. It is available at my personal/official Dunk, at 275 Boston Post Road in Milford, Ct.

While it's quite possible that Dunk's FHC contains everything necessary to sustain life, it is better with a chewy accompaniment. And I know of nothing better than an everything bagel from Dunk. Most people probably have cream cheese on their bagels, but not me. Plain is just perfect.

I'm a finick about many things. I'm Jewish and was born in the Bronx. I know how bagels are supposed to taste and am pleased to declare that the bagels from Dunkin' Donuts are the real thing. The soft dough rings from Mickey Dee's and most supermarkets don't even come close.

I told you that I invented the Frozen Hot Chocolate ahead of Dunkin' Donuts. I also invented the Whopper-with-cheese ahead of Burger King. 

Between semesters one summer in the late 60s I had a job working in a cheapo shoe store in Bethlehem, PA. Most meals came from a nearby BK. The menu offered regular-size burgers with and without cheese, but the giant-size Whopper was available only sans fromage (cheeseless).

This made no sense and I asked the friendly manager to make me what I called a "Cheese Whopper" and he did. 

I—and my friends—ordered it regularly. Eventually it was on the menu in this BK, and nationwide. The official name became "Whopper-with-cheese," but I always ordered it with the name I devised.

Whenever I went to Mickey Dee's in the 60s and 70s I'd order a "shitless cheeseburger." When questioned, I'd explain that I wanted a cheeseburger "without all the shit" they normally put on it.

In recent years I order it the normal way to save time, and remove the pickle slices. I like pickles—but not those pickles—and not on burgers.


Goddess pic from https://cheflippe.files.wordpress.com. Thanks!

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