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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I disobeyed my father to try Golden Corral, and don't regret it.

For several years I've been intrigued, enticed and frustrated by TV commercials for Golden Corral—because there were no Corrals near me.

That situation changed a few days ago when a GC opened in the space formerly occupied by a Home Town Buffet here in Milford, CT.

Long ago my father warned me to never go to a restaurant until it's been open for a month. "Let them make mistakes with other people's stomachs," Pop said.

Yesterday I disobeyed my old man, and I don't regret it.

Wife Marilyn an I arrived at a few minutes before 3 PM and had to wait 20 minutes to pay and get a table. While we were on the line a steady stream of tardy employees flowed in. A local cop was opening the exit door for people who had filled up.

Normally Monday is the slowest day for restaurants, and mid-afternoon a very slow time, but the place was mobbed. I had to wonder where all of those people would be eating if GC was not available.

This is not a full review, but just a collection of comments.

The selection is huge, fresh and mostly tasty. Fried chicken was a bit too salty. The "Bourbon Street chicken" was spectacular. The "pork steak" seemed more like beef. Chicken noodle soup was excellent (fortunately not overloaded with icky carrots), but not hot enough. The marinara sauce was as good as I've had in most Italian restaurants. The spring rolls were better than those provided in most Chinese restaurants I've been to. Mashed potatoes were perfect. So was the gravy (two types). I had a couple of sliders. They were fine once I removed the pickles. We could see lots of food being cooked. It was not schlepped pre-cooked from a commissary someplace. There were plenty of dessert options including home-baked cake items, fruit, pudding, ice cream.

We paid about $7.50 each for senior lunches—a very fair price. Sodas cost about $2.50, probably generating $2.42 in profit to subsidize the cost of food. We drank free water, instead. I would have paid $1.29 for soda.

The Corral has an army of cooks and service people. We were constantly asked if we needed anything. Water was refilled without asking—a good sign.

There were many items we did not get to sample, but I'll certainly go back. Unfortunately, the lack of limits coupled with low prices make it easy to do major damage to your body with sweets, fats and salt. This is not a place to go every day. A few times a month is probably reasonable.

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