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Sunday, January 20, 2019

EFF YOU, Cablevision

I have been a mostly happy customer of Cablevision (now Altice) in NY and CT for about 40 years—as prices have gone up-up-up. In an effort to lower my monthly cost, I analyzed a recent statement and found a $9 monthly "sports surcharge."

I _never_ watch sports. (In fact, for me to watch a football game, I'd have to be paid $500, and have a butler to dispense snacks and drinks.)

This surcharge is the equivalent the dreaded "taxation without representation" that enraged early American colonists to celebrate "the Boston tea party." Or maybe it's like a restaurant penalizing me with a surcharge for the broccoli that I never order.

I was pissed off enough to do some research. As of tomorrow I will be using AT&T (a company I used to hate) for TV, internet and phone service. I'll save about $100 per month, get free installation, a $100 gift card and some cool new features. I'll add a TV, eliminate my Tivo bill, and will make some money selling my unneeded Tivo boxes.

When I call Cablevision to cancel my service, I'll likely be turned over to the "retention team" that will offer me a discount to entice me not to quit. I'll explain that the offer is too little, too late.

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